Registration Information

Hello! We are excited to welcome new little ducks to THJ year-round! We are proud to be the PK3, PK4, and Kinder campus in Taylor.


There are 4 steps to our registration process outlined below.


Steps to Complete Registration for T.H. Johnson Elementary:

Step 1: Parents must complete the grade level screener online. Click on the appropriate link below.

Step 2: Parents will be contacted by the school to confirm qualification.

Step 3: Once the parent has been notified that their child has qualified, the parent will complete online Registration.

Do NOT complete the online registration until you have heard from the school that your child qualifies.

Step 4: Prior to school starting in August, the parent must provide the following documents to the school:

  1. Child’s official birth certificate
  2. Child's Social Security card
  3. Current immunization records
  4. Proof of residence   
    • Current utility bill or lease agreement
  5. Parent’s ID or driver’s license
  6. Proof of income as of the date of registration.   
    • Keep the paystub or documentation used to qualify for free PreK or PK-3 as of the date you registered online

Note: Your child will not be enrolled in school for the fall until all four steps have been completed. 


For questions, please email the Principal at or our Registrar