Welcome to the THJ Library!

I am excited to welcome everyone to our THJ Library this year. We have lots of really good books that I will be sharing with our students throughout the year.

I want everyone to enjoy reading as much as I do and I encourage you to spend some time every day reading books with your children. Reading is one of the most important things that we can teach our children, enabling them to be lifelong learners.

Please remember our book care rules and remind your children to take care of our books so everyone can enjoy them.

Book Care Rules:

  • Keep books clean and dry
  • Keep books away from babies and pets
  • Read books with clean hands
  • No food or drink near your books
  • Do not write or color in your books
  • Keep your books in a safe place
  • Return your library books on time
  • Be careful when turning the pages
  • Do not cut or tear the pages of the book
  • Do not drop your books on the floor
  • Use a bookmark-do not bend the pages

Do not carry your book in a backpack in the same place as your lunch or water bottle, use a plastic book bag to store your book in.

Bring your book back to the library to be fixed if necessary.

Thank you,

Rose Machu

THJ Library