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Mr.Andy Basche Principal TH Johnson Elementary

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Welcome to T.H. Johnson Elementary! Our team is enthusiastic about providing a high-quality education for all of our students.  At THJ, we get to focus on the needs of Taylor's littlest ducks! Serving only Pre-K 3 through Kindergarten allows us to truly focus on early childhood.
We are very proud of the amazing things that are happening on our campus. We offer students a safe, nurturing, rigorous learning environment. We approach each child as an individual and work to lay the educational foundation necessary for future success. 
We seek to inspire, equip, and empower students by both understanding and meeting each child's social-emotional needs and also by laying a strong academic foundation. We love working with the “little ducks” and look forward to coming to school every day. 
-- Mr. Basche, Principal


Inspire, Equip, and Empower Every Student to Achieve Their Unique Potential

-Taylor ISD Mission Statement

Intentionally Empowering The Whole Child

-Taylor ISD Vision Statement

Taylor Proud

  • 6 Schools
  • 1 Pre-K Program
  • 3,000 Students
  • 450 Teachers
  • 300 2021 Graduates
  • 27 Industry Certifications
  • 60 College Credits
  • $242K Scholarships Awarded in 2021

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Tammy Truex Taylor ISD

Tammy Truex - Taylor Middle School, 7th Grade Science Teacher,

I love working for TISD because the challenges of teaching allow me to work with amazing people and encourage me to continually grow. The quote "once a duck, always a duck" is a special statement. This a community that represents a family. I am blessed to have attended the district as a student K-12, teach with those who taught me, work with former students as peers, and continue to serve generations to come. It is so very inspiring and motivating to know of students and peers who make a difference in this world.
Trey Boles Taylor High School

Trey Boles -Taylor High School, student

I love the feeling of community in Taylor ISD. We always come together whether it be in difficult times or in times of celebration. The spirit and pride the people of Taylor ISD have is amazing. Taylor ISD has helped me grow into an adventurous person ready to explore the world. The education I have gotten in my History and Geography classes have helped me in my knowledge of various world cultures and have solidified my motivation to travel to each and every corner of our world.
Chelsey Ellison, Taylor Middle School

Chelsey Ellison - Taylor Middle School, Principal

Taylor is home; it's where my heart is and a district that I am proud to be a part of. Taylor ISD is a district that truly believes in doing what is best for students, and supporting teachers and administrators in creating the best educational environments and opportunities that our students deserve. Taylor, even though a growing community, still has the welcoming, small town feel and our district is committed for providing the best educational opportunities for our students to develop and fulfill their unique potential.
Michele Cobbs Taylor ISD

Michele Cobbs - Taylor Middle School, 7th Grade Social Studies/ESL

I love how we support one another. Our administrators and peers are incredible at cheering us on and challenging us to become the best we can be as we equip students for success. From day 1, Taylor ISD makes you feel like you are part of the family. We are serious about: Once a duck, always a duck!